Leonora Community Health Clinic
Building Management Authority

Status: Completed
Duration: 2004 to 2005
Construction Value: $2.5M

A place for the local community

The Leonora Community Health Clinic is a purpose-built complex housing an amalgamation of health-related services for the local Indigenous community.

Main goals of the project

  • Develop a facility that could provide a range of services, all under the same roof.
  • Produce a building that is durable, robust and could withstand the harsh climate.
  • Maximise value for money whilst considering the wishes and needs of the client and local community.

Consultation with the community

One of the first tasks that MPS Architects completed was extensive consultation with the local community. The team scheduled a series of presentations that explained the design and goals of the development, as acceptance of the facility was paramount to the success of the project.

Sustainable design

Leonora experiences an arid climate with a mean annual rainfall of just 230 millimeters. Because of the dry and hot conditions, a sustainable and robust design was fundamental to this solution. In order to lessen ongoing running costs, the design features plenty of natural lighting, and reduced reliance on artificial heating and cooling.

Complications: Issues with isolation

Leonora is located 833 km northeast of Perth in the Goldfields/Esperance region of Western Australia. Due to its isolated location, the carting and sourcing of materials for maintenance and upkeep is extremely time-consuming and costly. This factor was identified during the Collaborative Discovery phase and MPS essentially ‘designed out’ potential maintenance issues.

Team effort

The MPS Architects team was led by Brett Priest (Design and Documentation) and Julian Shaw (Contract Administration). Our team worked very closely with representatives from the Building Management Authority and local community leaders.
The Leonora Community Health Clinic is just one of several regional projects that has been completed successfully by MPS Architects in the last decade.

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