Armadale Station
Public Transport Authority

Status: Completed
Duration: 2006
Construction Value: $9M

Revitalising the urban fabric

In 2006, MPS Architects was hired to rebuild the existing Armadale Railway Station. This project, commissioned by the Public Transport Authority under the “Building Better Train Stations” scheme was initiated to revitalise the transport precinct of the city.

Main goals of the project

  • Create a positive design and aesthetic initiative that transforms the community attitude towards the city centre.
  • Promote a sense of space and openness that reflects the city’s character.
  • Build for short-term use but plan for the long-term aspirations of the council.
  • Develop a local reference point that is accepted by the community.
  • Minimise ongoing maintenance costs by careful material selection and design initiatives.

Planning for the future

The Armadale Railway Station caters for thousands of passengers each day. Not only was the new station built to cater for these commuters, but also, it was expanded to include a new civic space, office facilities and provision for future retail and commercial developments.

Rejuvenating the city’s character

Working in close consultation with the Armadale Redevelopment Authority, MPS developed a design that gels with the local architecture while remaining contemporary and relevant to its function.

 Customer-focused outcomes

The Collaborative discovery phase of this project resulted in identifying several key customer-focused outcomes. These included:

  • Disability access.
  • Security.
  • Prominent public access.
  • Transparent public areas.
  • Easy route-finding.
  • Welcoming environment.

Each of these outcomes was delivered successfully.

Safety during construction

Rebuilding a railway station creates an extremely dangerous environment for workers and commuters alike. Through careful planning by MPS Architects, Armadale Station continued to operate as normal during the course of the build.

Use of durable materials

Like all urban infrastructure, train stations are susceptible to acts of vandalism. It was decided early in the Collaborative Discovery phase that materials used in this project were to be robust and durable, while still being attractive.

Team Effort

The MPS Architects team was led by Brett Priest (Design, Documentation and Superintendent). Brett’s 20 years of experience in the design and development of transport infrastructure was one of the key reasons MPS was awarded this project. The MPS team worked in close consultation with numerous groups including the Armadale Redevelopment Authority, the City of Armadale, Public Transport Authority and the Minister of Transport.

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