Organisational Capability 

Organisational Capability

client service management

Since 1993, MPS Architects has worked hard to develop strong relationships with our clients and the communities that make use of our developments. Over this time we’ve gained a reputation for providing customer-focused architectural outcomes, solid performance and due diligence. Client service management is at the very core of what we do.

investing in our people

We know that our people are our greatest asset. At MPS Architects we strive to offer our staff a challenging, exciting and enjoyable working environment. We are committed to in-house and external staff training and practice-wide development. If our staff are happy then, ultimately, our clients are too.

quality assurance

MPS Architects provides clients with a superior level of Quality Assurance and Control for the duration of your project. In order to achieve this, we’ve adopted a range of procedures and processes that are the foundation of our in-house project life cycle.

MPS Architects are accredited to AS/NZ ISO 9001:2000 and use a system developed by consultants Qualita International. Our Quality Management team of Julian Shaw and Hayley Dagg, are responsible for the company-wide adherence to the Quality Control system.

how our quality control procedures
will benefit your project:

  • Should your project leader become unavailable, another staff member can pick up your project with no loss of time.
  • A team effort ensures streamlined operation.
  • There is reduced possibility of missing task responsibility.
  • MPS offers a high standard of documentation.
  • There is regular in-house reporting.
  • Our operating system ensures that the complex needs of a government department or large commercial project are met.
  • Costs are monitored continually with controls at each phase of the project. Each phase is signed off with client approval of cost projections. No phase begins until the prior phase is signed off.
  • Progress against time is monitored continually with regular reviews.

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