About Us 

MPS Architects is a medium-sized, multi-disciplinary architectural firm with extensive experience in urban and infrastructure projects as well as residential and private sector development. Based in Leederville, Western Australia, we undertake architectural projects of all sizes in all locations throughout Western Australia.

Murdoch Train Station

where we started

Brett Priest and Julian Shaw formed MPS Architects in 1993. Over the years since, our practice has evolved to include ten full-time staff including architects, draftspeople and support staff.

our philosophy

MPS Architects is a client-focused practice. The needs and goals of our clients and the communities of which they are a part are our main priority. As a team, we go to great lengths to fully understand the requirements of each project. We spend a lot of time listening and learning about what you want from your development. We’re inquisitive so we ask a lot of questions.

From initial conversations comes thorough planning. As a company, we’re well-known in the industry for our ability to meet schedules and to stay on budget. Our strong emphasis on quality assurance ensures that everything we do is managed, controlled and results in a smooth development process.

At our core, though, is our passion for exceptional design and aesthetic innovation.

our approach to architectural design

When we design a building, we take into consideration the environment of which it’s a part and the people who will use it. How a structure relates to the local environment is important, because nothing we build, regardless of its size or function, stands alone.

Architectural design, like all the other facets involved in developing a structure, is just a small part of a very large and complex puzzle.

Specialised government experience

Since 1993, MPS Architects has worked in partnership with local and state government departments on a variety of projects. Over the years we’ve gained unique experience designing and developing public buildings that require special attention to disability access as well as co-ordinating and completing regional projects in remote locations throughout Western Australia.

Some of our more recently completed government projects include:

  • Tambrey Primary School, Early Learning Centre, Karratha.
  • Citiplace Child Care Centre Refurbishment.
  • Success Primary School.
  • Noongar Alcohol & Substance Abuse Service.
  • Wellard, Kwinana and Murdoch Stations.
  • Armadale Railway Station.

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